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Wheel Spacers

Pgs racing wheel spacers are designed and produced inside the company ZF Srl. They are made from a round bar of good-quality aluminum and they are turned with numerical control machines tools that ensure the maximum accuracy. The centering ring, the precision of the wheel spacer and the bolts guarantee an easy, quick and perfect installation. With the installation of wheel spacers, the car gets an aspect more aggressive and above all more stability as the roadway is enlarged.     

ZF Srl produced a wide range of wheel spacers and can produce wheel spacers on request of the customer, for example wheel spacers with different thickness from those in the catalogue or wheel spacers with double holes for special operations. 


For a correct installation of spacers we suggest:

Before fitting the spacers you have to eliminate the deposits of dust or rust from the wheel hubs with a metal brush. If necessary you have to take the cover that protects the wheel bearing off and to fit it in the center of the spacer. If you have a car with wheels that are different from the original ones you have to get in touch with a specialized center that will let you know if you can install spacers. After fitting the spacers you have to be sure that there are no interferences with mechanical parts or with the styling of the car.


Our offer includes:

  • spacers without bolts, from 5 mm to 20 mm (T1)
  • spacers complete of bolts, from 12 to 20 mm (T2A-T2B-T3A-T3B)
  • spacers with double bolts, from 30 to 50 mm (T4 - T5)






Cadillac Bls all mod. 05/06-02/07
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S90 Type 9 90-97
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Vitara - Grand Vitara Type GT <06
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1.4 TD 50Kw 04/03- F
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